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An Ambitious Woman

Book 3 in the Redwoods Trilogy

Joy Barron is determined Redwoods will become a prominent thoroughbred stud, and dreams of breeding a champion racehorse. Although David Cavanagh doesn’t always agree with her ideas she refuses to take no for an answer, and schemes to get her way.

After their marriage, she continues on her wilful way until tragedy strikes, and fills her with remorse. Then Thunder, the big, black stallion enters their lives. This causes more dissension in the marriage, and a rift in their business partnership.

David goes to America with an open-end return date, leaving Joy broken-hearted. In his absence, Josh Frazer comes to work at Redwoods, and Joy faces the biggest dilemma of her life.

Can a woman love two men? When David returns, she must choose between two loves.

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