The Trophy Wifetrophy-wife

5 stars -Goodreads- May 1, 2018

Second-chance novel is too bland a term for The Trophy Wife
I love women-of-strength novels and that is one on of the things Kate Loveday does so well. When young and lonely Erin McDonald leaves her home for a new job shortly after her mother’s death, she is vulnerable to the practiced machinations of the urbane Giles Brightman and falls completely under his spell. Young, inexperienced, and loving does not equal weak, her love holds up under his growing busy-man routine but when he crosses a line, she walks. The tale of the rebuilding of her life, her soul, is the fascinating journey we travel the The Trophy Wife.

Review by Kim Aalaie on Authors Den 6/18/2018

‘The Trophy Wife’ begins and focuses on exactly what the title refers to, however it goes on to become an expanded storyline and much, much more. The cast of characters, beginning with Erin McDonald, our main character, broadens in a way that adds to the storyline, but also creates many plots and sub-plots to wonder about. The author, Kate Loveday, started ‘The Trophy Wife” with a very unique beginning chapter that would pique the interest of most, if nothing else, but to continue to read to see how the chips fall, so to speak, and the predictions met. It is a very easy read. I was so enthralled that I finished it over the weekend! For the most part, it’s a love story in more then one way. but there is money, power, crime, intimidation, friendships, business ventures and more. Excellent work.

Review by E Harris on author’s Den

The Trophy Wife, a novel by Kate Loveday, is the engrossing story of a marriage that goes bad and all that follows. Sadly, Erin McDonald did not realize that the man who swept her off her feet really only wanted her as his wife because of her beauty. She became a trophy wife in the truest sense. She was showered with luxury and for a time she was happy. Over time she realized something was wrong and she was right. Her husband’s violence escalated and she had to leave him in order to survive. This well crafted story follows Erin as she struggles to forge a new life. There is a varied cast of characters, some admirable and others frightening. The secondary characters play important roles in the narrative and their stories are blended together perfectly. Many important issues, including spousal abuse, are prominent in the story. I found this to be a powerful and memorable book. Highly recommended.

Review by Brittany Dalton on author’s Den

This was an amazing book I will recommend it to all my friends and family.