Here are some reviews of my Historical novels – The Redwood Series.

An Independent Woman – Book One in the Redwoods Series

Praise for An Independent Woman 

“A brilliant read. I could not put this book down and the end left me begging for more.”
~Sarah Cooke, Australian author

“A fabulous story! Well written and well told with colourful characters and finely drawn scenes. I give it 5 stars.”
~Jacqueline Winn, Australian editor and author

“This has everything one could ask in a historical novel: clear, compelling prose; engaging, well-drawn characters and complex, fast-moving plot involving domestic tragedy, diamonds, the perils of a logging camp and of a gold-mining town, a love banned by the time’s laws of marriage, and a crime with results that span years and half a world. All taking place in a vividly realized setting of Australia with frontier Sydney, immense, exotic forests, wild rivers, and the loneliness of pioneer settlements.”
~A. D. Byrd


Praise for A Liberated Woman – Book 2 in the Redwood Series
This is a historical romance that is not just Australia or London but a mixture of cultures and countries. The writing is emotionally touching. The characters of the girls are possibly, at least for one of them, a little too life like. The stories as they unfold on the different paths were done in a wonderful way while still tying the main threads together. I must say my emotions did become involved here for one of the story lines was heart rending, for it is a portrait of life even in this day and age. The writer has a great way of telling her story in words. I was many times wondering what next. I even became surprised at a few things. It is not just a story of sex or violence, instead this is one that tells a story of life and what happens at times.
This one is a good read for a long night where you wish good company
. ~ Anna Swedenmon – NetGalley

Kitty discovers that her daughter’s best friend in school is the daughter of her first love. And so the path is set for Rufe and Kitty to traverse the memories of the past along with the hope of the future. Enjoyed the scope and descriptions of Australia and England along with the characters’ dilemmas in the solving of the unexpected.
~ Dawn – NetGalley “Great Reading. Loved the series…looking forward to the last book in the series. Great stories and all the people in them.”
5 stars  ~   Marilee Maggio


Praise for An Ambitious Woman – Book 3 in the Redwood Series
5 Stars
Aussie author Kate Loveday’s stories about independent women are wonderful stories.  She has many twists and turns and surprises, good and bad, in her stories that a reader doesn’t expect. She writes so smoothly it is like the pen in her writing hand touches the pages and the words just flow out of her pen onto paper with such ease. Ms. Loveday’s writing is smooth and intelligent. She blends everything together very nicely and tells a wonderful descriptive story of different types of people, some you’ll love and cheer on and some you’ll dislike immensely. This story was not just a romance novel, Kate has imbedded a wonderful cast of true to life characters and many circumstances they went through. It would make a wonderful movie… Alice L Kent
Five Stars
Very enjoyable…Stuart Rose
5 stars
More Please!
I enjoyed reading Ambitious Woman as the last in this trilogy. It concluded the story with an interesting and satisfactory ending and if there was more I would love to keep reading … Wendy


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